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The Downtown Allentown Business Alliance
is a non-profit division of the Allentown Chamber of Commerce working in support of the downtown businesses through events and marketing. Our mission is to create and sustain a welcoming downtown district that promotes business and community growth. We focus on events and programming designed to engage the downtown workforce, the community at large, and visitors to Downtown Allentown. Our program has been a partner in revitalizing Downtown Allentown, working alongside the business community in a collaborative private-public partnership over the past ten years. As the lead entity creating high-caliber events in an urban setting, we work hard to make downtown Allentown an inviting and vibrant community.


Senior Vice President of Allentown Initiatives

Brittney Ciardi brings three years of dedicated service to the Chamber, where she has been committed to fostering connections and enriching communities in both Allentown and Bethlehem. She has been instrumental in developing a diverse array of events, building genuine business relationships, executing strategic marketing campaigns, and spearheading community activation initiatives. 

As the Senior Vice President of Allentown Initiatives at the Allentown Chamber of Commerce, Brittney is deeply committed to driving the growth of Downtown Allentown and the City of Allentown as a whole. Her background in design and sales has equipped her with a unique perspective, allowing her to blend creativity with a vision for meaningful change. Her passion lies in community development and interpersonal connections.


In her downtime, she cherishes spending time with her close family and friends. You can often find her exploring nature trails with her dog Gizmo and her partner Mat, immersing herself in the live music scene, crafting homemade projects, or exploring new restaurants.

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Manager of Allentown Initiatives

Vaughan Bryant, the Manager of Allentown Initiatives at the Allentown Chamber of Commerce, is an energized and ambitious young professional who has eagerly begun his tenure at the Chamber.As a resident of the Lehigh Valley his entire life, he's greatly looking forward to the opportunity to help make a positive impact on a city so crucial to the Valley's success.


Recently graduating from Penn State University, he brings a background in advertising to Allentown along with a passion for community and relationship building. He spent time interning in both the 3D printing and music industries and hopes to translate the diverse lessons and knowledge derived from these experiences to his position in Allentown. Overall, he is excited to help show the world all that Downtown Allentown has to offer!


Outside of work, you can often find Vaughan listening to music or playing guitar, spending time with family and friends, working out, playing basketball, or reading up on/binging series about medieval history.



Santo Napoli

assembly88 / Vice President of City Council

Chair of Marketing Committee

Evan Johnson

Stay Calm Industries

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